Thursday, June 23, 2005

Guess I should update...

Well, the big news in our life right now is that we are having a baby! New Foster will join our family sometime in February (hopefully) -February 26th is the due date. Things are going wonderfully here. Other than the whole baby thing there is not a whole lot going on. Ty is doing wonderfully and we are enjoying every day with him. We can't believe that he is almost 1. That means that July is coming and all of the babies that are due in our class will be here soon. Congrats to the Cains on their new son, Ian - He is beautiful. Next is Sara's turn. Can't wait to meet Chase and then comes Alex Hardin. What a great month.

Oh and we aren't the only ones to recently find out that we are expecting! The Owens' and the Powers' also are having "bundles of joy" early next year. That is right, all of the July 04 mommas are expecting again! Yea!

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Jessica said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you guys...out little class just keeps growing and growing!

Who's next???