Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Guess what!

Today Josh felt the baby kick! Looking back on all of our dates with Ty, it is almost exactly one week later than with him. Also, the baby moved and kicked like a crazy person all through Bible Study. I couldn't help but smile. For those that don't know (most of you, I'm guessing), when there is no fluid around the baby it is very hard for them to move. I am taking the fact that Jr was moving like crazy as a really good sign.

I want to be honest, I am still really scared for our baby but I feel like God has already begun the healing process on him/her. The Bible says in SEVERAL places to ask God for things and do not doubt and they will be given to you. I do not doubt that God can and will heal our baby. Please keep praying for us.


swatterson said...

That's awesome Jen! Things are looking up! Still praying for you and your little one. :)

d.j. iverson said...

that's really good to hear. you'll be in my prayers here, God bless.

Summer Allen said...

What great news, so happy to hear it! I am still praying for you & the family. I think about you alot.