Friday, March 24, 2006

Just a Glorious Friday

Why is it glorious you ask? Just because it is Friday. I love Fridays. I think they are the absolute best day of the week. There is anticipation because of the weekend, there is relief because it is the end of a work week. What a great day Friday is!

Anyways, I will tell you that my Thursday was pretty great too. Josh surprised me and took a half day at work! He came home and we watched Scrubs while Ty slept. When Ty woke up, we went to the mall and shopped. Granted, we couldn't buy anything (no budget), but it was still fun to look! Also, Josh watched Ty and Mary Ann and I hit Bahama Breeze. It was so nice to just visit and eat dessert. I don't get to do that all that often, but I really enjoy it.

That brings me to a discussion that we had last night. Do you feel like you have a good relationship with God? I theorize that everyone feels like their relationship needs work. That is good - God wants us to want improvement. I think the problem is when we get completely down on ourselves because our relationship with God isn't perfect. I don't think he wants us to feel scared or worried all of the time that we aren't doing enough. I don't know if that is true, but I think that's what I think. Comments?

Also, what is the difference in faith and relationship? I mean, I think I have a strong faith. Hold a gun to my head and ask if I believe in God and I will tell you yes in a heartbeat. I know that the Bible is true and that Jesus is God's son. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for us and everything. I think my faith in the unseen is strong. I think that my relationship is weak. So, in verses where it talks about encouraging those who are weak in their faith, is it talking about the fact stuff or the relationship stuff?

Last thing. So, I sold a curtain on Ebay. The stupid thing sold for .99. I charged 10 for shipping because I have been eating it in shipping costs. I got an email from the lady complaining that the curtain is a little faded on the sun side and that my handling charge was too high. Lady, you bought the curtain for .99! Deal with it. That is all.


Carrie said...

Jen - excellent discussion starter... also I'm glad you updated and I love Friday's too. Ok so here's my thoughts... this seems to be the theme because we've been discussing it as well here. I think that faith and relationship are approached differently but they go hand in hand, you have a good relationship with God because of your faith and you have faith because of your relationship with God, this is what causes you to trust Him. I have to say that both my faith and relationship have waivered at times, but it seems that recently they have both gotten a lot stronger, and I feel good about where God and I are, this definitely doesn't mean I have it all figured out or there isn't stuff for me to work on, because .. hello, there's a lot of stuff to work on. I also don't think that sometimes we are the best judge on our relationship with God, because we feel guilty or like we're putting ourselves above each other if we say we're in a good place, because there is always stuff to work on, and its easy to get down on ourselves about it when we compare our relationship with God to other people. I definitely think your faith and your relationship shines through to other people.

Wow.. that was a long comment. Hope all is well in your world!

David Hardin said...

It IS Beautiful Day! I actually have the window up in my office. I have a few 'extra' minutes today so I'm making the rounds of everyone's blog. Except the Waterson's. It's offline for some reason. Are you busy next Wednesday? I need a favor.