Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's a Bryce!!

Too true, folks! It does appear that we will be blessed with our third baby boy sometime in November. There was absolutely no questioning his gender even though it is a little early to be finding out. Most importantly, at this point, it appears that there are two functioning kidneys and a bladder. That means that this baby is not cursed with Potter's. I am so ecstatic! We are slowly being able to believe that we are going to get to bring a baby home to keep us up at nights!!

For those that are interested, his name is Brycen James and we will call him Bryce.

On the Ty front, things are going really well. He is growing up so fast!! He can and does say just about anything that you want him to and he is really good about saying PLease and Thank You. His latest funny thing is walking past Cooper and saying, "Excuse me, cat." Lori and I took him and Carter to get their picture taken a couple of weeks ago. They didn't do great, but you couldn't tell it from the photographs! I have to recommend Portrait Innovations. They were wonderful and very reasonably priced!! Here are a couple that I really like.

Josh and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary last Friday. We decided that we must be old because we constantly find ourselves saying, "It doesn't feel like it's been X years." Anyways, we went to Sundance Square in Fort Worth and went to a comedy club. It was nice to leave Ty with my parents and just have a night away. We stayed at the Worthington (which was REALLY nice) and watched Saturday Night Live completely uninterrupted.

Anyways... that's really all that I know right now. I would promise to update later, but let's be real, I probably won't.


Melanie said... know that I love the name! It's a good thing I am having a girl :-) We are so happy for you guys!

Emily White said...

I should have known that you would pick the name Bryce...a name I love! But Bryce White? That sounds way too much like the price is right. If I have another boy I'll be coming to you to help me pick a name. I'm so excited for you!

Audrey said...

Congrats on another boy! We are so excited for you and Josh. Glad things are going so well for you all. I love the name Bryce. Take Care!

swatterson said...

I love Bryce!
Cute pics of Ty and Carter!

Gina said...

WOO-HOO!! I am so happy to hear that God is showering you with blessings. Congrats! I'll keep praying for wonderful things to happen with you and Josh.

swatterson said...

when are you going to put your stinking video of Ty singing on here so i can see it?