Friday, February 15, 2008

What did you do?

So, did we all have a great Valentine's Day? I did! We did nothing and it was really nice. Josh got me a great picture frame that I LOVE and I also got some loungewear (since all I do lately is sit on my couch in my PJs and puke) from a great friend. Ty got Mickey Mouse ears and a Transformer and Bryce got a stuffed Mickey and Mickey Mouse ears.

I surprised Josh and cleaned the kitchen and made Lasagna, salad, peas, and yeast rolls. We finished off with heart-shaped cookies. It was really nice and a lot less hassle than getting us all out to dinner. After dinner, Dax came over and we watched him while Court and JC had a date. Dax was perfect and slept the whole time - even with Ty hugging him every 2 seconds!

Today, though, is a new day. We are all tired and grumpy. I am betting that it has to do with the cold and whatever germ of the day is running its course. In good news, we paid off our credit card! That thing has been a monkey on our back for years. We are SO happy to be done with it and to be living the Dave Ramsey lifestyle again. Unfortunately, our next debt is a student loan that has a balance of 17,000 or so dollars on it. I am thinking it will be awhile before we pay off (completely) anything else.

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JC, Court & Dax said...

You guys are so totally awesome & cool. Thanks for giving us a fun evening as well. Dax said he had a great time and loves you!