Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

How's that for an upbeat, exciting post? Now, when I say that it is a girl, I mean it is probably a girl with a chance that it is a boy that is taking his time to, ummm, develop. We will hopefully go back in a couple of weeks to confirm the gender. I am very positive that it is a girl since we were able to see boy parts with Bryce at this age.

Now it is a new ball game. What do you do with a girl? Besides buy lots of cute dresses and really big hairbows? What to name her? A cute girly name that could be a cheerleader or a tomboy would be great. Any suggestions?


Jessica said...

Yay!! How exciting! I'm praying that she continues to stay "a girl".

I think you should go with a very cute girly name. Maybe something with a nickname possibility so she can be girly or tomboyish.

So excited to buy you pink things!

ChandraJoy said...

Michael has decided that we should have both a boy and girl name picked out before we find out. For us, girl names are a LOT harder.

I am so happy that you guys are having a girl!!

JC said...

I'm sure you want to name her after someone you truly love, respect and honor... how about Jacey... I would be ok with that!!! Well... you can think about it.

Jennifer and Alexandria said...

Yay girl!!! Name her after you... And all you need are frilly dresses and big bows. And pink everything. And people will still say "what's his name?"

Becca said...

i am so excited for you guys!! i can't wait to see your precious little girl. she is going to be a knockout!