Thursday, May 22, 2008

What could inspire me to post?

I know, I know, I need to sit down and write about ALOT of things that have happened in the last long while. Did my cute children inspire this blog? No. They are cute and I am downloading pictures from the camera to blog about but that was not my inspiration.

My inspiration was my Dr's appointment today. I am 24 1/2 weeks pregnant. I went to the Dr last month (20 wks) and he basically said, "Hey, Fatty McFatterson, stop eating. You gained 6 pounds last month and 7 pounds this month. This is not okay and your cottage thighs are begging you to STOP!" Okay, he may have said it more nicely than that but that was the gist. I didn't fight and argue even though 13 pounds in 20 weeks didn't seem awful to me.

What did I do? I started eating salads - covered in Ranch dressing. That might not have been my healthiest choice but it is better than a fried chicken sandwich or a double cheeseburger. I obviously was right because I LOST 2 pounds this month!! Yay! Of course they weren't jumping up and down like I was. Oh well.

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The Powers Family said...

you should check out dr. talerico. if you gain an ounce he starts with the cow jokes and the were gonna have to roll you outta here stuff. seriously he should go into physical training, i mean with that kind of motivation speaking he could create a world of anarexia and then we could all look like models.