Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh my goodness!

A month has passed so quickly!! We are loving having Lainey as a part of our family. She fits in really nicely and the boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her.

Ty started soccer this month and it is entertaining to say the least. I would love to say that he always looks like this:

but he generally looks like this (Yes, this is a member of the other team) :

Bryce is doing well adjusting to Lainey. He still is a little off of his sleep schedule so this is a common face:

He does love soccer, though, so we have a few happier times:

And, last but not least, some pictures of LJ:


Becca said...

Okay, the big bows are AWESOME!!

Becca said...

oh, and I cannot believe how big the boys are getting. They are so adorable. Ty looks like a terrific soccer player.