Saturday, February 26, 2005

General Ramblings

Well, I haven't written in a while and have been duly chastized. I promise to write more often, I swear - really. This has been quite a week! Not a whole lot has happened because The Boy has been sick as a dog. He has run a fever (102 -ish) for the last 3 days and has generally been a crank. Let me tell you what I hate about sick babies - pediatricians. I took The Boy in on Friday because he was lethargic and had a temp. The ped was a pain in the behind! He was not happy because we had been in last week (Checkup from double ear infection) and just generally was dismissive. HE didn't tell me anything helpful and made me feel like an overprotective neurotic mom. I mean, I am an overprotective, neurotic mom but he doesn't have to be all pissy about it.

The Engineer watched The Boy for me so that I could go out with the girls for dinner and cards. Have I mentioned that he is spectacular? It was a ton of fun. We brainstormed names for my friend Sara's son and then went to C.C's NEW house to play a little Hand and Foot. It was nice to have a little girl talk without The Boy needing my constant attention. Oh - and we found the most deranged DOT ever. There was definately a little penis in our box of movie candy. So Funny.

Anyway, I am done rambling. I put a picture of The Boy up to show him off. It is a month old, but like any bad mother, I am too lazy to download the new pictures off of the camera. C'est la Vie!

The Boy at Play Posted by Hello

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