Sunday, February 20, 2005

Texas, Rehab, and More

Well, it was a busy weekend. My brother "graduated" from rehab on Friday. He has hopefully moved from heroin addict to functioning member of society. Time will tell, I suppose. Isn't odd that we've been trying to stop him from using for years with no success, but we sent him off to a camp-like place for 6 months and now he's supposed to be totally better. He does seem like he's doing well, though, and it is very nice to see the old Tim.

We left the rehab graduation and went to Texas for the weekend. A friend from school had a personal shower and my cousin's fiance had a shower. Both were nice. The personal shower was interesting because 1/2 of the attendees were pregnant. That puts a whole new spin on marriage and sex. The bride-to-be didn't hear a lot of positive things from those ladies.

The Boy did well. I swear he said Momma, but only once. I can't count it as a first word since I was in another room and it could have easily just been babble.

Still love the hubby - he's patient as always. We went out with my folks and brother. It was a lot of fun. See HITCH!

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