Tuesday, March 01, 2005

He claps!

Guess who claps now! That's right - The Boy. We have been trying to teach him for about a week and it finally clicked. He was so happy when his uncles came over that he showed them his new talent. He also used his abilities to show his love to Beyonce Knowles after her performance in the Oscars. We still need to teach him taste in music, I guess.

The Boy's whole world is about to change and I don't know who is less ready for it. We have decided that he NEEDS to learn how to sleep in his own bed because Momma NEEDS to sleep. Unfortunatly we have tried to do this the easy way. It didn't work. Cry it out is our next option. I am worried about how it will go, I will let ya'll know tomorrow.

Peace Out (We won't have any peace here, I'm afraid).

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