Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Let's Talk About Irritating Things.

The first thing that we can talk about is washing machine repair people. Our wonderful Maytag Front Loader has had some issues for quite sometime now. The bleach and fabric softener dispenser doesn't dispense. Also, the clothes that are washed in said washer may or may not smell like butt depending on the washers mood. The smart thing to do is call the repair man right (We have a service contract)? So we did that - in June. It is now the end of August and our washer still sucks. The repair man has been out 4 times so far and each time he tells us that the problem is fixed. Not so much is it fixed.

If that were all, that would be mildly irritating. However, I would like to address the 4-hour blocks of life the repair people steal from you for each service call. For instance, if I get an 8-12 time block, I assume that service people will be here at some point in that time range. This means that Ty and I do not do our fun morning activities because we are stuck at the house. When the repairman shows up at 12:45, that really irks me. So, the next time we schedule for 1-5. At 6:15, the repairman shows. Grrr. Today, we went the 8-12 route so we wouldn't have to invite the repairman for dinner. I got a call at 11:53 informing me that the repairman was sick and would not be out today. He will now grace our presence on Friday somewhere between 8 and 12. Right.

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