Sunday, May 27, 2007

The year has gone SOOO fast!

What in the world? Where did the time go? It is the end of May and I haven't posted since January! You may think that this is because I am incredibly busy, but you would be oh-so-very wrong. I am just a little on the lazy side.

Anyways, I am coming off of two GREAT weekends and am really dreading starting real life all over again. Last weekend, I (and about 13 other ladies) went to Allen, TX for a lot of shopping and food. It was very fun and I got all of the inappropriate discussions that I wanted to have out of the way -everything from S-E-X to "other things." I mean, really, I was told that you can't talk about a Va-Jay-Jay on a blog. I think that is so very untrue but I won't mention those conversations just in case.

This weekend, we went to DFW for wedding dress shopping and anniversary fun. My mom, Celice, Katie and I went shopping for the perfect, over-the-top, romantic dress for Katie and we found it. She had to order it w/o ever seeing it in person, though, so let's hope that it is as beautiful in real life as in the picture. Don't think she didn't try on every dress in the store(s) because she did. None of them were quite right, though. This one is PERFECT and she will be beautiful in it. Then, I grabbed Josh and it was off to the W for our Anniversary (6 years!!!).

Now, we aren't the hippest people you'll ever meet, but we sure thought we were when we were at the W. Talk about posh! We felt really trendy (and REALLY out of place). It is such a cool place and we will definately be back. We got to eat at the Outback Steakhouse which was nice w/o kids. We got *gasp* an appetizeer and a dessert. Then, I slept from 10:30 - 9:55. Life is GOOD!! Thanks so much to grandparents who willingly watch our children so we can do things like that once a year. Of course, Ty slept all night in his bed and Bryce only woke up once. They NEVER do that for us!

Pictures later! Gotta go to a graduation party.

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Jessica said...

Whoa! I just now saw the new post...I couldn't believe my eyes! You should post more often to entertain those of us that check blogs all the time!

Hey--I didn't mention va-jay-jay, but I have mentioned boobs and public hairs on my blog!