Friday, June 15, 2007

Filet O' FIsh

Okay. This is the funniest commercial that I have seen in a long time. Josh and I were deep in conversation last night and both stopped (so, I guess it could be argued that we were not THAT deep in conversation if we were both semi-watching the TV) and turned to watch this commercial about 30 seconds into it. Then, we spent the rest of waking time interjecting our conversations with...

"Filet O' Fish"
"Filet O' Fish"

HAHAHAHAHA! If you watch and don't think that this is funny, you may have figured out why you think I am crazy. This probably speaks volumes about my sense of humor. 


swatterson said...

yeah you're pretty twisted.

j/k :)

They probably spent like $10 making that commercial....little did they know it would be such a hit...with some people. :)

Emily said...

Is it weird that I can almost see the expressions on the Filet O Fish's faces...if they had them.