Tuesday, July 31, 2007

100 Things about Me

Ok, I am going to do the 100 things post because Sara tagged me to do it.  In no way do I really think that this will be interesting to anyone but me. Here it goes!

1) I am the oldest child of four.
2) I have car fever right now.
3) I don't even care what kind of car I get as long as it is new to me.
4) I have 3 little boys.
5) When picking their names, I try them out together. If it doesn't flow, it has to go.
6) I really want a baby girl.
7) I may have already picked her name - Lainey Jean or Lainey Jo.
8) I LOVE TV!!
9) My husband (Josh) is the love of my life.
10) I have fantastic friends.
11) I am not great at maintaining long distance friendships.
12) My house is never clean, but I am always cleaning it.
13) I am not as organized as I want to be.
14) I would love to be a domestic goddess, but can't find a place to start learning.
15) I'd love to have an *accident* baby so that I don't have to stress about whether I am ready
16) My love language is quality time.
17) I used to think my love language was gifts until Josh got a promotion and was never home.
18) I love teen movies like Bring It On.
19) I have long periods of depression that no one knows about.
20) I am very insecure about the way my body looks.
21) I am the "fat" bridesmaid in my sister's wedding.
22) I love my kids with all of my heart.
23) My favorite time of day is nap time because we all snuggle in together.
24) I have internet friends.
25) I am always afraid that I will die young.
26) I am TERRIFIED to fly.
27) I like to shop.
28) I feel guilty if I buy stuff.
29) I can't cook.
30) I am always worried that I am not a good mom to my kids.
31) I want to be a better Christian.
32) I like to do crafts.
33) Josh thinks I look good no matter what.
34) I wish I could buy my kids the world.
35) I think Ty is a genius.
36) I also think he is a deviant.
37) I grew up in Texas.
38) I don't think that Texas and Oklahoma are really all that different.
39) I am a singer.
40) I want to be trendy.
41) I struggle with the notion of a loving God.
42) I hate doing laundry.
43) I wish that I still looked 18.
44) I don't like paying to watch a movie at the theater.
45) RENT is my favorite Broadway musical.
46) My brothers and sister have all found significant others that I adore.
47) I struggle with being judgmental.
48) I am indecisive to a fault.
49) I love Taco Cabana taquitos (which they no longer make).
50) I no longer like Taco Cabana.
51) Josh thinks I should become a wedding planner.
52) I love my boys' smiles.
53) I think Bryce is the best baby in the world.
54) I don't know if my friends want to hear about my son that passed away anymore.
55) I paid $180 for knee PT that didn't really do much.
56) I am looking forward to vacation in Padre/San Antonio in August.
57) I graduated as an Electrical Engineer in 2002.
58) There were only 2 other people in my class.
59) I struggle with gossiping.
60) I feel like I have gotten better about gossiping lately.
61)  I worry about terrorism.
62) I used to watch the news every day.
63) I had to stop because it was giving me panic attacks.
64) I love Will and Boogie from BB All-Stars.
65) I hate coffee.
66) I am addicted to caffeine (Diet Coke)
67) I tried to be a cake decorator.
68) I sucked at it.
69) Josh supports every wild hair that I get (see Cake Decorating and Wedding Planning)
70) Josh falls asleep on the couch every night and it drives me CRAZY!
71) I just woke him up.
72) I used to buy new bed linens every 3 months.
73) I had to quit that when I became a stay-at-home mom.
74) I helped my sister register for her wedding last week.
75) I now want all new dishes, bedding, bathroom stuff, and appliances.
76) I never knew I wanted a Fry-Daddy until I went registering!
77) I love talk radio.
78) I feel guilty that I don't listen to music in the car with my kids.
79) Ty ruined my car CD player by shoving money and a pool key into it.
80) I want to hire a landscaper.
81) I could spend hours in Hobby Lobby.
82) I lose cell phones.
83) I have a great cat.
84) I would like him to have a great home somewhere else.
85) I worry about what Ty will repeat when I'm not around.
86) I am a worrier.
87) I am a blog stalker.
88) I just woke Josh up AGAIN!
89) I start Bible Studies and never finish them.
90) I WILL finish them.
91) When a plane takes off (that I am in), I pray for forgiveness of my sins just in case.
92) I pray for the forgiveness of everyone else's sins too.
93) I want to be a millionaire.
94) I don't want to have to be disciplined to get there.
95) My mom and dad are fantastic and we have a great relationship.
96) I love Brownies and Ice Cream.
97) I hate being pregnant.
98) I love new babies (for the 1st 2 weeks).
99) I can't decide if I want to move back to Texas ever.
100) I am proud that I was able to think of this many things about me!

I tag Josh and Shannon.


Emily said...

Uh...may I make a comment about #15? Be careful what you wish for....

Melanie said...

Yay, that was fun! Thanks for sharing

Jessica said...

Good stuff!

#54--always. I think about your children often, and I love the way your face lights up when you talk about Brett. It would never get old.

swatterson said...

7. me too
11. so you're never allowed to move to ft. worth in that case
15. true...not much thinking involved. :)
19. me too
30. me too
54. don't EVER EVER EVER EVER think that. we'll never get tired of remembering your sweet boy