Saturday, July 07, 2007


Tonight, we did not buy this beautiful car. I am sad but proud. I WANTED this car. I NEEDED this car. I sat in and SMELLED this car (Okay, not this car, but one just like it). There is nothing like leather. Ahhh, the intoxicating scent of a minivan. It had the sunshades built in to the windows. It had a moon roof.  Alas, it was not to be. 

I was sitting in the dealership with my stomach in knots. Josh was great and would've bought me the van in a heartbeat. We just couldn't do it. Our guilt was too great (and our trade-in was not). So thank you, Dave Ramsey (and Mary and Neil who helped talk us out of it). I don't have a car payment that is double tonight because of you.

...And that makes me happy :) 

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Emily said...

What the crap...if you're going to send your budget to he*l, do it over something cool like a Mustang GT, not a minivan :)