Monday, October 29, 2007

If you have paranoia, don't look here!

Okay, I HATE it when people get all worried and worked up about stuff for no good reason. This is funny because I constantly get worried and worked up about stuff for no good reason. The latest and greatest...Autism.

I used to be worried that Ty was autistic. He still has shades of it, I think. He is VERY sensitive to loud noise and to white noise. He covers his ears and cries (still) if he hears a vaccuum cleaner, blender, mixer, or any noise that could be considered loud (including yelling). As time has gone on, though, I think that we are in the clear with Ty. He maybe could be on the spectrum, but if he is, it isn't by much.

Now, I have Brycie to worry about. If it isn't enough to just have the worry in your head, Autism Speaks has put out a video glossary ( ) that shows warning signs of Autism. Now, I am afraid Bryce has Autism. He doesn't respond to his name the majority of the time, he gets hyper-focused on one thing, and he hand flaps when showing distress or anger. That being said, he is super-affectionate, can make eye contact, and does show me things/ ask for help - all of which point away from autism.

The moral is that there is always something to worry about, I guess. First, it is birth defects which moves to Autism and that gives way to late developing mental illness. I am going to resolve not to worry about this anymore...

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Audrey said...

Jen, have you talked to your ped? If this is caught early they can be a perfectly "normal" child by the age of 5. We have friends from our class that moved to SC and their son has it but, like most now days he is nearly "cured" I hope you'll investigate. You shouldn't ignore it if you think it is there. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}