Saturday, November 03, 2007

Oh, Halloween!

I love Halloween. Why? I love Halloween because I get candy. Candy (that I don't pay for) in large quantities is always a good thing. Even better? There is so much candy in my house that there is no accountability. What, Josh? Want a Peanut Butter Cup? Sure, here's 7 of them. Huh? Did I eat any? Of course not. I know they're your favorite *slyly kicks trash bag full of wrappers around the corner*.

But really, this Halloween was actually fun. Ty is old enough now that he gets it. We went to a great neighborhood off of Bryant where the cheap houses cost 3X more than our own. We did that because these people have more money than they have uses for it. That means full size candy bars, my friend. We then unleashed our children on said neighborhood. Ty would run up to the doors with Bryce close behind. After a knock on the door or a ring of the bell, the door would open and Ty would say, "Trick or Treat. Halloween," and Bryce would turn and run away. Ty would grab a piece of carefully selected candy and Momma would grab a piece for Bryce (I swear he LOVES Almond Joy). After a quick thanks, we'd be on our way.

Ty says that Halloween is the best day ever. How quickly they forget Christmas. It makes me wonder why I buy so many toys that will just get lost. Maybe I will just buy a bag of candy.

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