Friday, January 11, 2008

I need advice

Okay, I need you all to tell me what you do on a daily basis. I ask this because I am currently sitting on my couch while Ty watches Pokemon (again) and Bryce wanders about aimlessly. How much TV does your kid watch? What do you do so that they aren't watching TV/ playing XBOX all day?

I tried playing with Ty in his his room yesterday but I only get to be bad guys and none of them stand a chance against LarryBoy's Super Suction Ears. You can only get defeated so many times before it ceases to be fun.

Help me make a schedule so that I don't ruin my kids!!


Emily said...

Here's Cason's schedule:
8 am: Super Why/Little Einsteins
8:30 Handy Manny
9:00 Sesame Street
10:00-12:00 This is my TV time
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Nap
2:00 Bob the Builder
2:30 Thomas The Train
3:00 Curious George
3:30 Arthur
4:00 Oprah (Hey, He likes it)
4:30 Clifford

And that's what WE do all day!

Jessica said...

Well, I can't really comment with any sort of experience, but if I was at home with kids I'm pretty sure my life would revolve around TV, too. Hey, Full House is on like 6 times a day.

And, Emily, your schedule cracks me up. You should add:

5:00 Colin is home for playtime while Mommy watches her own TV

The Keltners said...

Jennifer, this all makes me feel better. Sometimes I wonder if I am warping my child when Mason says "watch a mooovie" and I say okay, but only one more time today. Monsters Inc is educational...right?

The Powers Family said...

noggin went 24/7 on new years day. that being said if not getting to watch tv is a punishment, it might be a good time to cut back. alternative methods exist, you could force them to watch lifetime in hopes that this will spurn them from tv forever.