Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A baby shower X 2

So, I had a girl's night out last night that we were terming a pre-baby party. We all went to the Melting Pot for lots of chocolate, friends, and NO KIDS!! It was so much fun. There were a lot of people there (I think 14 or so) and we just ate and ate. I was also given presents! We have a no-shower policy for 3rd babies so I was pretty excited to get showered with bows, clothes, shoes, a picture book, a car seat cover, lovies and more clothes! I think that everyone knew that I was really not prepared for a little girl!

*I might add pictures if my camera ever cooperates*

I am sad, though, because Melaina had planned a surprise shower for me (She knew about the no-shower policy) for this weekend. When she heard about the church shower she had to cancel because I have a limited number of friends and they brought gifts to the Melting Pot. I'm sad that she had to cancel but am so touched that she thought about me to do this. Isn't that so nice? I just can't believe that she was so thoughtful! I love my family and am really blessed to have so many that love me and Lainey and want to take care of us!


Adam, Heidi and Baby Chelsea said...

Hey Jen-

You are super crafty with the boys and Lainey's room. I am impressed and inspired. They look really fun. I will be in touch about getting together. It will be fun to catch up and have fun girl stories to share soon!

The Pittengers said...

Hey I have a new blog... pittengerbeginnings.blogspot.com