Friday, October 24, 2008

Currently driving me crazy

The thing that is (at this moment) driving me nuts is the commercial that claims that the View is a news show with tough interrogating questions. Puh-lease. I love watching Joy and Elisabeth go at it as much as the next person (though I do wish that the Conservative viewpoint was a little more intelligently represented), but there is no hard-hitting anything going on there.

I mean all they did when Barack was on was talk about sexy he is and they asked McCain if they should be worried about instituting slavery again. Yes, that is what you should be worried about. Grrr...

The second most irritating thing in my life is my beautiful daughter who got shots today and WILL.NOT.STOP.SCREAMING. I feel really bad for her but the Dr says it is a normal reaction and I am losing my mind. She needs to stop. For reals.

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