Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Bryce is Two!

Today my baby is two. He woke up, toddled into my room and (after a brief segment of the birthday song) said, "No Happy Birthday." That sums up Bryce. He also, though, sang (to the tune of the Wiggles "Yummy, Yummy"), "Mommy, Mommy, Brycie wub you." That also sums up Bryce.

He is the most loving baby that I have ever seen. He loves to rub your face when he is sleeping and he snuggles right in. He is quick to say that he loves you and he always wants hugs. He also is boy through and through. He is the first to wrestle and rough-house. He loves bugs and rocks and puppies (Poor Baxter almost lost his life this week due to the Bryce love). I am constantly apologizing for his temperament because he is quick to anger. I will say that he was two before his time.

I love my Bryce. He is my miracle baby that I couldn't have known if not for tragedy. He helped me through a crazy time in my life without even knowing it. He is sunshine and compassion and sympathy and just a mess!!! Happy Birthday Bryce!!


Jason & Katie Pittenger said...

I love this post and I love my Brycie!!

Celice said...

Happy Birthday Bryce!! I can't believe he's already two Jen! How time flies! And I'm sure it will go even quicker now that you have three cute kids to chase around... go thing little Lainey can't go too far yet! Hope y'all are having a fun day- Post pics of the birthday boy!
-Aunt Celice