Friday, April 08, 2005

Big News on the Job Front

Well, the indestructible may destruct! After being told that we had staffing requirements sufficient to be hiring new employees, this morning we have been informed that times have changed! Apparently the government has cut our funding and sent management into a panic.

I am not so much upset over this since I have been trying to decide whether I should become a stay-at-home mom and this may solve the dilemma. I guess that the moral is to be careful what you pray for. I asked God to show me what I should do and am now wondering if this is my answer.

Now, if Josh gets layed off, that would be a whole 'nother problem completely. If that happens, we may be moving to Texas a bit sooner than planned. I don't think that he will get layed off, but it is something that is hanging out in the back of our minds.

My folks are coming to visit this weekend! Yea! It hasn't been that long since we've seen them (a month maybe), but I miss them terribly. The more fun thing is that I am going to Texas for all of next week! That means I will miss that rumors that are swirling about layoffs at work and I can just relax. That is right, 9 days with no work! Bliss!

1 comment:

swatterson said...

I have no doubt that you won't miss any of the rumors swirling at work!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all of us!

Have fun in Tejas.