Sunday, April 24, 2005

Where are you?

I am right here silly. It has been a while since I posted. I figure I need to stock up on things to say. Jobs are really good right now, I guess. It doesn't look like our group will be affected by the budget cuts so I am not going to be a Stay-At-Home Mom just yet. I guess that that is a good thing. Whatever.

Ty is great. He is cutting a tooth and he said his first word - tree. We are so proud of him. I know that tree is an odd first word, and we were is denial at first. I mean, really, what kid says tree before Mama or Dada. Oh well. He loves trees. What can you say? He is also standing by himself for short periods of time. He does so well! We are so excited.

This has been a fun weekend. On Friday Uncle Tim came over and we ate a nice dinner and had Birthdaycake to celebrate his turning 23. Ty loves Uncle Tim and had a great time. Then on Saturday, we went to a friend's garage sale and hung out for a while outside. At 2 we met up with a bunch of friends and were off to the Arts Festival. It was fun and very interesting. I must not be that into art because I would NEVER spend that kind of money on "art". Then all of those friends plus some came over for pizza and cards. We had a great time as always. Unfortunately, Josh and I both woke up sick this morning :( We don't know what's wrong, but we are sure we got it from Ty. Josh has to teach Bible Class this morning, so we will grin and bear it til we can come home and sleep it off. Good times.

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keri said...

Hey Jen and Josh, this is Keri Ginn. How are you? I stumbled across your blog (From the Edmond young marrieds website). I just wanted to see how you were doing. Congrat's on the baby.